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File extension OPS is mostly associated to the files created by Microsoft Office applications to store user information for its applications. OPS is derived form the initials of Office Profile Settings. Unlike other files designed by Microsoft that store system information and settings, OPS files are only native to the PC platform. Files are only applicable for use on Windows Systems through Microsoft specified applications.

Microsoft Office Profile Wizard is an application used to contain users' settings for Microsoft Office products. This process is essential when there is a need for the user to import current application settings to a different computer. It allows consistency with the application's configuration from system to system.

After the installation of Microsoft Office application, files Reseto10.ops and PROFLWIZ.EXE are directly added to folder Microsoft Office\Office10 on a system's Program Files folder. This folder contains the destination executable files that are used to launch Office applications. Performing the "Detect and Repair" option on any Office application will execute the PROFLWIZ.EXE pack and will grab information from the default Reseto10.ops file.

User configuration files with OPS extension can be viewed using applications developed by Microsoft. This includes the Microsoft Office Profile Wizard which is automatically installed when a user installs the Office Resource Kit with filename OPSView.exe. Microsoft Office Profile Wizard can be accessed on a host computer through the PROFLWIZ.EXE command. Opening the PROFLWIZ.EXE from the "Run" menu require altering the environment variables of a system. A user can also simply access the Microsoft Office XP Resource Kit Tools from the Start Menu to initiate the application.

OPS File Viewer (OPSView.exe) can be download at the manufacturer's website. This application allows users to view changes done by the OPS to a host computer. Output created by OPSView.exe application is converted in to a text document on Notepad.exe application which is automatically installed on systems running Windows.

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